Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The universe is watching and listening

The universe is watching and listening to me at all times just waiting to jump at an opportunity to bring me more of what I am focusing on in my life. Lately, I have fallen into an "oh woe is me pit" for the last 2-3 weeks. 

It got so bad that I called my coach to complain about how down I was feeling and he told me straight up stop your complaining and MAN up to what you know you should be doing. For the past 2-3 weeks I have fallen off track and became disconnected with a normal routine that was keeping me connected to my source of abundance. 

During these 2-3 weeks I felt miserable, constantly complaining and whining to myself about my situation. I did not feel empowered to write in this journal nor keep up with my daily gratitude list. 

However, after talking with my coach I do feel a lot better. He simply informed me that my mind was still attracting everything I wanted. I was focusing on a lot of negativity and the universe brought me more things to be negative about. My coach said my mind was still moving but some how I knocked it out of drive and into reverse. 

What he said made a lot of sense, I just need to put my mind transmission back into the drive position which I have done starting today. 

Things I need and want to do daily..

* wake up and do my morning meditation 20 min to 1 hour
* write my daily gratitude list
* review my mission statement
* review my vision boards

* Write in my success journal
* write another gratitude list
* review my mission statement
* go to sleep on guided meditation

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lessons with my Daughter and Nephew

Today was productive, I was able to turn a consistent negative experience into a beneficial experience simply by changing my perception of that experience. To achieve this just assign the troubling experience a more empowering meaning. 

For example, if your not a salesman but the only job you could find is in sales right now and you hate selling because your not good at it.

 Change your perception of this job to something more empowering like, I am getting paid to learn how to sell cars, services or anything that you might be selling. 

Changing your perception of this negative experience to something that moves you, will help bring you the happiness you want because your sending out more of a positive vibration
versus a "I hate selling and I hate this job" negative vibration. 

What you put out to the universe you will get back. Homelessness is a character builder for me not a character destroyer. I choose to feel that way which enabled me to rise above my situation. 

Thank you Universe for allowing me to experience this struggle. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nudges from the Universe

I am so grateful for the training I am receiving through my coaching program. So far I have attracted business opportunities, new acquaintances, and great study material at phenomenal prices and most are free.

When you have an ideal that you focus on day and night and you read it everyday and visualize yourself as already accomplishing that ideal goal, it is amazing how the universe starts to shift things around and bring circumstances that will help you reach that goal.

It is difficult to understand until you start seeing it happen in your own life. It is like having a genie in a bottle as long as you do your part by taking inspired action everyday when the universe nudges you to.

Thank You Divine Universe!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I have the keys in front of me

I have the keys to unlock my success in front of me I just have to discipline myself to pick them up and start using them. I have been falling into the dangerous place called complacency. Now that I know where to get the information to help me out of may crisis I am taking my sweet time with the information and not utilizing it consistently.

This I know is a bad habit that I get into a lot when I feel that I have access to what I need. I only find out how much time I have wasted not utilizing what is in front of me when it is taken from me swiftly.

I am grateful that I am aware of this Shortcoming of mine and now I can fix it before its to late.

Thank You Thank You Thank You

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The law of Attraction at work

So I attracted a new friend into my life who is a seamen, boat captain, online forex trader and surfer. All of the things I told the universe that I wanted to learn how to do. Today we met up today and exchanged services to help one another. What was the services? I trained him on some self defense moves being that he is just beginning his martial arts journey. In return he is helping me o learn about water survival, swimming and giving me information about online trading.

Thank you Universe for hearing my requests. I am so grateful that the Universe has brought me this new friend.

Thank You Thank You Thank You

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I feel good when I think about...

Today I had such a wonderful time in my mastermind group. First we played a game where everyone in the group took turns saying I feel good when I think about.... and then each person would say what they feel good about. It was made into a game where everybody took a turn going around in a circle.

The idea behind this is that every time a person stated what made them feel good when they thought about it, everyone in the group would take a moment and lift that persons desire up and give it to the universe thus activating the law of attraction. We held each others wants in our minds collectively raising the energy and vibration of each others desires. It was Great!

I am so thankful for my coaching and my mastermind group. It is truly a blessing in my life. Another important thing I learned today in the group is that you should give from a belief that you know your in a self perpetuating cycle of abundance. The more you give cheerfully the more you receive from the universe. There is no such thing as sacrifice or loss when it comes to giving.