Saturday, June 1, 2013

I have the keys in front of me

I have the keys to unlock my success in front of me I just have to discipline myself to pick them up and start using them. I have been falling into the dangerous place called complacency. Now that I know where to get the information to help me out of may crisis I am taking my sweet time with the information and not utilizing it consistently.

This I know is a bad habit that I get into a lot when I feel that I have access to what I need. I only find out how much time I have wasted not utilizing what is in front of me when it is taken from me swiftly.

I am grateful that I am aware of this Shortcoming of mine and now I can fix it before its to late.

Thank You Thank You Thank You


  1. I hope you have picked up the keys.

  2. I definitely am picking up the keys. I am just in awe at how many the universe is presenting to me!